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Natural Healing Care

Shreem Brzee Healing Card

Shreem Brzee Healing Card

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Shreem Brzee Healing Care

Shreem Brzee increases your efforts to attract more material and. spiritual wealth into your life.

The vibrations of brzee are believed to remove scarcity of consciousness, bringing wealth in all its forms. It represents the transforming power of the mind, as it is thought that if the mind focuses on abundance, it will manifest.

Charging water on Shreem Brzee not only gives you the wealth, consciousness but also diffuses your bad karma. Just need to use in proper way.

How to use?
Charge water on it by keep transparent bottle filled with water on it for whole night (atleast water should charge on it for 10 hrs, maximum can be any hrs.). U can use that water for drinking at morning time before 12 pm only. Left water can be added in Tulsi plant or any other plant. Keep this card along with you only. Don't allow anyone to use this card. It's personalized charging and sent. So make sure you use only for urself.

Also you need to show agarbatti daily. During periods it can be used, no issue at all.

You can gift these cards or can take for urself. 

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